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Fantasy Football: Texans Start/Sit Week 12

Leinart gets the start in real life, should he for your fantasy team?


Arian Foster - He's the best running back in the league, if you ever sit him, you're insane. Over his last 4 games, Foster is averaging 173 total yards per game with 7 total touchdowns; he's on fire, keep him active.

Andre Johnson - If you look at this as a pure match-up, it's not favorable. However, I'm a big believer in always starting your stars unless they're really hurt. In the game at Jacksonville last year, Johnson had 9 catches for 146 yards and a touchdown. The Jags pass defense is good, but it's a little banged up, and Johnson has shown in the past that he can whip good defenses.

Owen Daniels - With a new quarterback under center, I expect the tight ends, and OD in particular to be Leinart's safety valve. Expect Leinart to look for Daniels quick if his first read on the outside isn't there; good chance Daniels receives the most targets from Leinart. Could be in for his best game of the season.

Texans Defense - Blaine Gabbert, do you need another explanation?

Neil Rackers - Leinart makes him a good start. I believe the Texans will still move the ball, mostly with the run game, but they could struggle in red zone situations when the passing windows shrink for Leinart. Rackers could be in store for a 3 to 4 field goal day.


Kevin Walter/Jacoby Jones - It's simple, neither one is a good fantasy player. With Schaub and against a weak defense, they're worth a start as a flex. However, no Schaub and against the 4th ranked pass defense; they're a must bench.

Ben Tate - Against bad defenses, I like Tate as a start because of how much they like to run the ball. While the Jaguars aren't a great run defense, at home I expect them to be good enough to make the backup running back a bad play. If you go by the averages, the Jaguars give up 111 rushing yards per game. I assume the Texans will do better than that, but even if they rush for 130-140, I see Foster getting 90 to 100 yards, not leaving much left for Tate. If Tate was a better receiver it would help his value, but on top of more carries, Foster also gets nearly all passes out of the backfield.

Matt Leinart - At no point in Leinart's career has he shown to be a reliable fantasy player. Despite the upgrade in talent around him, he's not worth a start until he proves he can produce. I don't see it happening this week on the road against the NFL's 4th ranked pass defense.


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