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Texans Won't Bring 'The Circus' To Town And Sign Brett Favre, According To Reports

Houston Texans general manager is in desperate need of a quarterback, but not desperate enough to add another chapter to the NFL saga that just won't die. The National Football Post has a report quoting Smith that the Texans will absolutely not look at bringing in perpetually retired quarterback Brett Favre now that Houston has lost starter Matt Schaub and backup Matt Leinart to injuries.

The next in line to start for the 8-3 Texans behind center is rookie T.J. Yates from the University of North Carolina. Yates saw time in Sunday's win over Jacksonville, and will get the start this week against 7-4 Atlanta at home. The Texans have signed former Jets quarterback Kellen Clemens, and could possibly sign former Chiefs quarterback Brodie Croyle, but again, emphatically, and for the record: NO BRETT FAVRE. NOT HAPPENING:

Texans general manager Rick Smith is again resisting the temptation to pursue Favre, saying, "I don't want to bring the circus to town" to Peter King of Sports Illustrated.

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