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Texans Vs. Browns: Center Chris Myers Named As Best In The Game By Pro Football Focus

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Pro Football Focus is one of those encyclopedic, hair-splitting blogs that revels in the statistical minutia of the sport to the point of insanity, so we'll trust their judgement when they rate Houston Texans center Chris Myers as currently the best in the game at his position. The ratings system used by PFF has previously touted the Jets' Nick Mangold and the Vikings' Matt Birk, but with both injured, they endorse Myers as the league's best:

One of the measures of Myers’ improvement this season comes in regard to his play against nose tackles. Last season his three worst games – games that cost him being considered on the level of the top two – came against Dallas, San Diego and the New York Jets. Three teams that operate nose tackles, three nose tackles (Jay Ratliff, Antonio Garay and Sione Pouha) that Myers struggled to handle one-on-one. Wind the clock on twelve months and you see a frame shift in Myers’ performances against NTs. 

This year two of his best performances as a run blocker came against Miami and Pittsburgh where going one-on-one with Paul Soliai and Casey Hampton he showed that he was no longer the soft touch he had once been in this regard. In fact, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say this jump in form against nose tackles has seen Chris Myers elevate himself to that highest plateau alongside Nick Mangold and Matt Birk as the three best centers in the league today.

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