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2011 AFC South Standings: Texans Lock Up First Division Title In Franchise History

It's official - the Houston Texans are in the playoffs no matter what, with a 20-19 comeback win at Cincinnati and the Tennessee Titans' 22-17 loss at home to the Saints Sunday, Houston captured their first division championship and playoff berth in franchise history. While the Titans will fight to stay alive in the wild card hunt - they're currently a game behind No. 6 seeded New York - Houston will now focus on maintaining their No. 1 overall seed and first round bye, in a complicated series of tie breakers with the Patriots and Ravens.

The easiest path for the Texans is to win out - if Houston beats the four-win Panthers, the 0-13 Colts and the Titans at home on New Year's Day, they'll have home field throughout the AFC Playoffs.

AFC South Standings

Houston 10 3 0 330 208
Tennessee 7 6 0 266 251
Jacksonville 4 9 0 193 252
Indianapolis 0 13 0 184 382

(updated 12.12.2011 at 3:49 AM CST)

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