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AFC Playoff Picture: Texans Clinch Division Crown, Now Can They Get No. 1 Seed?

With a huge comeback win Sunday, the Houston Texans have clinched the division title and a playoff spot. The next goal? A one-seed in the AFC playoffs.

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One would think that missing your Pro Bowl quarterback, Pro Bowl wide receiver, Pro Bowl pass rusher and having to play your third-string quarterback would cause a team to have their season derailed. Nope, not the Houston Texans, they have kept finding a way to win and can now call themselves division champs for the first time in franchise history.

Crazy thing is, they've got a shot at a No. 1 seed in the AFC playoffs. With three games remaining, the Texans will face Carolina, Indianapolis and Tennessee to finish the season. Three winnable games and a quarterback in T.J. Yates who has flashed some promise and will need all the work they can give him going into the playoffs.

The season is just getting started for the Texans. Here is the AFC playoff standings going into week 15:

AFC Team
1 z - Houston Texans
10 3 0 .769 4-0-0 8-2-0 .467 .400 AFC South Champ
Wins tie break over New England and Baltimore based on best win percentage in conference games.
2 Baltimore Ravens
10 3 0 .769 4-0-0 7-2-0 .497 .519 AFC North Champ (Wins tie break over Pittsburgh based on head-to-head win percentage.)
Wins tie break over New England based on strength of victory.
3 New England Patriots
10 3 0 .769 3-1-0 7-2-0 .450 .415 AFC East Champ
4 Denver Broncos
8 5 0 .615 3-2-0 6-3-0 .515 .442 AFC West Champ
5 Pittsburgh Steelers
10 3 0 .769 3-2-0 8-3-0 .506 .426
6 NY Jets 8 5 0 .615 3-2-0 6-5-0 .503 .385

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