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Andre Johnson Could Return This Week

You read that right. After having his worst season as a pro due to injuries, Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson looks like he might be able to get back on the field for the game this weekend against the Tennessee Titans.


It couldn't come too soon, as the Texans have been lost without a deep threat in the offense. Matt Schaub could make up for it with his experience in the offense, but third-string rookie T.J. Yates has not been so lucky. He's struggled with a pared down game plan and looked jumpy in the pocket too often.


Johnson can change that with his prodigious skills and the Texans will definitely need him and Yates to get comfortable if they want to win in the postseason. However, coming back too soon and reinjuring the hammy would be really bad. At this point in the season, the Texans just can't win either way, can they?


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