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Brian Cushing Injury Update: Texans LB Suffers Knee Injury, Taken To Locker Room

Injures for the Houston Texans have been nothing new to deal with this season, so when the Texans linebacker Brian Cushing went down with an apparent knee injury after it buckled, its safe to say that Gary Kubiak didn't even flinch.

Per the Houston Texans twitter feed:

LB Brian Cushing got off the training table & is walking around slowly in the bench area. He is headed to the locker room. #DeepSteelSunday

The doctors were looking at his knee cap, and things don't seem to be looking good for the USC linebacker. Rylan Reed has stepped in for Texans in place of Cushing, as the Texans lead the Falcons 10-3 in the second quarter.

Can the Texans continue to sustain all of these injuries to their roster, or will the depth of the Texans really shine through? We'll soon find out.

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