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Texans Hire Jim Ryan And John Butler To Complete Coaching Staff

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Very odd timing here late on a Friday, but the Texans announced that they have completed their coaching staff search and according to’s Nick Scurfield, they’ve hired ex-Broncos (shocking!) coach Jim Ryan as an offensive assistant and Minnesota Golden Gophers Special Teams coach John Butler as a defensive assistant.

Butler has much more of a background in special teams, so while he’ll be a defensive assistant in name, I’m sure a lot of his addition to the staff will be about helping embattled coach Joe Marciano avoid being fired after the season.’s Adam Caplan provides some more background info on Butler in this piece. While it’s hard to glean a lot from one interview question, apparently he’s a Bill Kollar style coach:

You’ve mentioned that coach [John] Butler tries to create monsters in the linebacker room. Do you fit that description?

SL: Oh, definitely. Last year, when I came in, I had more of a defensive back mentality from playing safety [in junior college]. And coach Butler beat that out of me pretty quickly this year.

Jim Ryan, on the other hand, was originally a defensive assistant. With the mid-2000’s Broncos. He recently had worked with the Omaha Nighthawks of the UFL, again on the defensive side of the ball. He’s only worked one season as an offensive assistant: 2006 under the Broncos, though he was a “Texans coaching intern in 2010,” whatever that really means.

Here’s an interview that Ryan conducted with the Denver Broncos official website in 2005.

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