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Former Texans Offensive Coordinator Chris Palmer Is Heading To Tennessee

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Another day, another Tennessee Titans hire to grab someone with ties to the City of Houston. Today, new head coach Mike Munchak hired former Houston Oilers assistant (1990-92) and former Houston Texans offensive coordinator (2002-2005) Chris Palmer to be the team's new offensive coordinator.

Palmer, after the mentoring job he did with former number one pick David Carr which followed his stint as new Cleveland Browns head coach where he did the same for Tim Couch, was quarterbacks coach for a few other NFL teams before settling in to a role coaching the UFL's Hartford Colonials. The Colonials were a league-worst 3-5 in UFL play last season.

What does this mean if you're a Texans fan? Well, Chris Palmer hasn't had the best success with rookie quarterbacks, a position many believe Tennessee will target early in the 2011 NFL Draft. If you're trying to predict the future, and who doesn't in the off-season, it certainly doesn't look promising for Tennessee at this point. Whether Texans fans are optimistic or not, they can easily look in-division to see that it could certainly be worse.


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