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Titans Hire Ex-Texans Defensive Coordinator Frank Bush To Coach Linebackers

Via Jim Wyatt of the Tennesseean, the Titans have continued their scheme of creating an all-star coaching staff of ex-Oilers by hiring recently displaced defensive coordinator Frank Bush to coach their linebackers last year. Zac Diles can attest that this will be a great career move for Rennie Curran, Gerald McRath and Will Witherspoon. In fact, they might want to try to cause a disturbance now so they can get out before any sort of coaching is able to take place.


I try really hard to be unbiased through most of my writings, but I'm not sure that I always pull it off when it comes to the Titans. You'll notice I've refrained from calling them the literal root of their name, but I still maintain much hate for them. That said, is building a coaching staff entirely of inexperienced-for-their-positions ex-Oilers and washed up ex-Oilers who ought to be coaching high school really a good idea? I've covered the Texans for long enough to know stupidity when I see it. Were the Texans to have entirely cleaned out their front office and replaced them with ex-Oilers, I would praise them for finally ending the Kubiak era, but simultaneously be extremely skeptical of the new group. It's my inner anti-cronyism. 


Then again, if you're in for Jerry Gray, defensive coordinator, you might as well be in for a pound with Frank Bush.


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