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Arian Foster Undergoes Minor Knee Surgery On Wednesday

Houston Texans All-Pro running back Arian Foster underwent minor arthroscopic surgery to his right knee on Wednesday. Reason No. 573 to scrap the Pro Bowl? Foster underwent the operation to repair cartilage damaged suffered during this year's Pro Bowl. The NFL's leading rusher had complained about soreness in the knee upon returning from Honolulu, but opted to just take it easy for a few weeks before determining if an operation might be necessary. When the soreness lingered, Foster opted to go under the knife. The words 'knee' and 'surgery' are scary for athletes, but according to a source familiar with the situation, Foster would be able to play within three to five weeks were the Texans in the middle of the season.


Stay tuned for more updates about Foster's health both here and at Battle Red Blog.


Rivers Edit: Foster now claims he hurt himself in the preseason (via his Twitter) and played through the entire season with the injury. So add knee injuries to the list of things, along with defenders and pass-oriented gameplans, that can't stop Foster from getting his.

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