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What Has Two Legs And A Short Life Span? A Texans NFL Assistant Coach

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13 days ago, the Texans hired former University Of Minnesota linebacker and special teams coach John Butler. Yesterday, so did South Carolina University.


What should we as fans glean from this? Probably not much. The life of a young coach is one full of opportunities and low pay, along with humiliation. If you want some of the latter story, check out this story about a young Seahawks assistant who was fired from a job he didn't technically have yet for announcing he had interviewed for it on Facebook. Greener pastures for this group of young coaches can start getting greener really fast, if you get my drift.


Thus, while it's ultimately annoying that the Texans can't retain people they hire or give out new contracts to, it's probably not the sort of thing worth complaining about loudly. It does add further fuel to the idea that perhaps the Rick Smith/Gary Kubiak dynamic is flawed, and that one person alone should be calling the shots with personnel or coaches. But, like Alan Burge notes, this is probably just about the money.


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