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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Rang And Reuter Give Texans Jordan And Amukamara

CBS Sports' last pre-combine mock drafts, one each from both of their experts in Rob Rang and Chad Reuter, have the Texans going in completely different directions. I'm not a fan of either of them.

Rang suggests the Texans will draft California defensive end Cameron Jordan. However, if the Texans are going to have Mario Williams as a defensive end rather than an outside linebacker in Wade Smith's 3-4, Jordan doesn't seem to really have the skillset to be a 3-4 pass rush linebacker. This isn't a knock on Jordan, who seems like a good prospect, but as the roles are defined right now, I don't think he makes a whole lot of sense for the Texans.

With Nebraska CB Prince Amukamara, my problem is less with the player and more with the philosophy. The Texans can't keep going to the well on young players in the secondary and expecting them to play good football right off the bat. Amukamara might be a solid NFL player one day, but this Texans team was assembled to win now, and one way to make sure you don't do that is to count on a young secondary. One would hope the Texans had learned their lesson from that after last season's Kareem Jackson debacle, but then again, they didn't learn from the Duane Brown debacle either, so who really knows? I think there are scenarios where Amukamara will be the best player on the board for the Texans, but I'm not really wild about them and would prefer a trade down if it came to that.

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