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NFL Combine 2011: Prince Amukamara Expected To Be Full Participant At Combine

When you're an elite prospect for the NFL Draft, one who is widely considered to be drafted in the top 15 picks of the draft, you don't really have to participate in all of the drills at the Combine. There is enough tape on you that talent evaluators know what they are getting, and participating in drills can hurt them more than they can help. So it's a little surprising to see that Nebraska CB Prince Amukamara will be a full participant at the Combine this weekend.

Nebraska CB Prince Amukamara is not taking the Gabbert approach. Instead, he's taking the Ndamukong Suh approach and participating in all drills even though he's expected to be a high draft pick.

Amukamara has been linked to the Texans in mock drafts because he is one of the top cornerback prospects in the draft and the Texans need help in the defensive secondary. He might not be available when the Texans draft, but if he is, he would warrant some serious consideration. We will know a lot more about where Amukamara will get drafted (not how successful he will be in the NFL, mind you) after this weekend.

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