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Texans Fingerprints All Over Snyder Saga

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If you've been too busy caring about the Super Bowl to follow storylines from other regions, let me catch you up briefly. The City Paper wrote an unflattering (yet mostly truth-based) profile of Redskins owner Dan Snyder. Snyder, in a very classy move, responded by suing the paper.

In an interview Snyder had with Jim Rome today, it came out that it wasn't Snyder that personally wanted to sue, but that instead Redskins director of PR (and former PR director of your Houston Texans!) Tony Wylie had been the driving force behind things.


Wylie may have gone to DC, but the majority of the PR staff still in Houston was weaned by him, and it has shown. I'm not about to firebomb the Texans PR department. I know a few guys that work in it, and they are quality people. But the overall direction still tends to stray from the path of public discourse. Blogs are ignored, upper management as a whole isn't media-accessible, and the Texans work very hard to make sure that the only message they're affiliated with is the one that they send out themselves. The Houston media isn't the Washington media. This piece would have never been written over here because the makeup of the media is so different.


But it does make me wonder just how far off we are from a similar event happening here, as team-driven narratives continue to clash with fan perspectives and beat writers. Will this be a more frequent occurrence down the road? Should I build up a legal slush fund?

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