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Why Can't More Reporters Be Like Houston Chronicle Writer John McClain?

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I know many loyal SB Nation Houston readers probably did a double take when they read that column, but hear me out. If you're not loyal or don't read the various online Houston sports blogs, you know the Houston Chronicle writers get a lot of criticism for being, well, not that great at their jobs.

Some think they're nothing more than unofficial public relations mouthpieces, others feel like they would rather be writing about other teams in other markets, and there's a big number who believe the writers are just living off a reputation/brand name earned many, many moons ago. As a matter of fact, you'll find criticism of the Chronicle's writers here often.

However, I like to think of myself as an equal opportunity kind of guy. When they get something right, I'm not afraid to give them credit for it. Case in point? Texans beat writer John McClain's latest NFL chat. Jump with me, folks.

One irk amongst Twitter sports fans during the Super Bowl week was the number of whiny reporters complaining about the weather in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex. The unforeseen and uncontrollable weather, which gripped most of the nation, made travel and nightlife so difficult. Whining about working at the Super Bowl won't win you many backers especially when reporters, like CNN's Anderson Cooper, are getting physically harmed while covering the Egyptian crisis.

What's this have to do with The General you ask?

I never complain about covering a Super Bowl because having this job is an honor.
At my age, every Super Bowl is a blessing to cover because I'm fortunate to have a job like this.

I, among many others, complained on Twitter about this, so I'll praise those who recognize the situation they're in - especially repeatedly as he did in his chat. McClain acknowledges his opportunity and that it's his job, so I applaud him for that while many of his peers were worried that they couldn't hob-nob with A-listers cause Dallas got a little chilly.

It's a rarity to say this, and I don't know when I'll say it again, but kudos to McClain for his refreshing attitude and perspective on Super Bowl coverage.

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