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2011 NFL Mock Draft: New Todd McShay Mock Sends Robert Quinn To Texans

Yes, I know. Ho hum, it’s another selection of Robert Quinn for the Houston Texans. But this time it’s ESPN’s Todd McShay, which makes it a much bigger deal! In theory, at least. Here’s what ESPN AFC South Blogger Paul Kuharsky had to say about the pick:

Could the Texans take another cornerback? Yes. But it sure seems like a veteran leader would be a better add than another kid, no matter how ready and confident he appears. Quinn seems like a better match, as the Texans certainly need pieces for their revamped 3-4 front and there isn’t a proven 3-4 outside linebacker on the team.

Pro Football Weekly’s Nolan Nawrocki selected Miami cornerback Brandon Harris for the team, which would have been great if this was a second-round mock. If Harris is actually the pick in April, Texans fans would be well-advised to cheer for the lockout to last throughout the season.

It’s getting hard to add new commentary on Quinn at this point. I still think he’s the best player on the board that the Texans are likely to get as far as skill and need. It seems like they’d consider him at #11. I think the Texans would rather have Prince Amukamara, but they would probably be pretty satisfied with Quinn at #11. It’s the scenario where they’re both off the board where things get interesting, especially because selecting Julio Jones would be almost out of the question for this Texans staff.

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