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Best Houston-Area Sports Twitter Users

As some of you may know, SB Nation Houston is pretty big on Twitter. All of our stories get sent there, and sometimes a stray person or two (usually me) will go and ask questions or interact through the SBNH handle. In case you haven't seen it...every time we post, you can follow us on Twitter here. If you want to read more thoughts from the personalities behind the things that get scribbled on here, you can check out Sir David ColemanSir Jordan WiseSir Dustin RensinkSir Matt Campbell, Sir Daniel Charles, and Sir Joshua Powling. Oh right, and me. This is the sentence where we mock Alex Cohn for not having a Twitter to plug. 

But asides from that handsome crew of writers above, who actually are the best Sports Tweeters that exist in this town, clearly, there are other voices who deserve your attention. As we keep tabs on a lot of separate Houston writers in our feed, we learn to figure out who is entertaining, who is informative, and who is just noise. This is my attempt to chronicle the best Houston sports-related Twitters out there. Set your phasers on follow:

Zachary Levine -- Writes great copy and keeps the Astros interesting. Not above the usage of new-fangled stats.
Alyson Footer -- The choice is yours between her and Brian McTaggart. They both do good work, but they both run pretty much exactly the same feed, and that can get tedious. I take Footer.
Hunter Pence -- Great player, but dynamite with the fans. Does quite a few giveaways.
Astros One Liners -- Since there's no crying in baseball, you might as well laugh.
CJ Nitkowski -- A former Astro and one of the very few athletes on Twitter that uses proper punctuation. A memorable tweet: "I like that my grocery store blocks out the cover of the National Inquirer and its ilk like it's pornography. He actually said ilk, he didn't dumb it down!
Morgan Ensberg -- Ex-Astros third baseman has his own blog.
Astros County -- Although I'm a little scared he knows Montel Jordan lyrics so well...
Mike Tauser -- Everything you ever wanted to know about the Astros minor league system, and then some more.
Stephen Goff -- The Houston Astros Examiner gets some pretty decent interviews and gives a nice view of the Astros with an outsider's perspective. 
Sugar Land Skeeters -- C'mon, tell me you don't want a Skeeters shirt.

Daryl Morey -- You may want to follow the Rockets GM. After all, you never know when you'll be needed to send more emails to Marcin Gortat.
Clutchfans -- Dave is the father of independent sports websites, and he's pretty damn insightful too.
Jason Friedman -- Not very many teams would find someone of Friemdan's caliber and have him work hard and with relative independence via Twitter. A terrific follow.
Jonathan Feigen -- I'll just say it: he's the best beat writer the Chronicle has.
Tom Martin -- If you think I'm going to deliver snark towards the man who picked me to replace him here, you're wrong.
Red94.Net -- Rahat and company consistently rock things right on their blog.
Houston Rockets -- Follow along for contests and official news.
Kyle Lowry -- Probably the best current Rockets tweeter, someone needs to get Luis Scola back to work.
Morris Almond -- Perhaps the most profound athlete Twitter involved with Houston sports.
Terrence Williams -- Although I admit he can be vexing if you don't know what #wordaapp means.

Football (American)
Lance Zierlein -- Best football analyst in town, I say.
Stephanie Stradley -- Approaches everything with an open mind, a great representative for Texans fans nationally.
Alan Burge -- The Texans blogosphere is a great one, and Burge is probably it's most consistent member.
Houston Diehards -- The best independent football site that Houston has to offer. 
Z Report Draft -- If you liked Lance Zierlein's regular feed, just wait until you get his draft prospect feed! Okay, it sounded more exciting in my head. 
John Harris -- Zierlein's partner at View From The Sideline, and a great football mind in his own right.
Houston Texans -- The team on the field may not make you happy, but Drew Dougherty and Nick Scurfield, who has his own Twitter, are both excellent team reporters.
Eric Winston -- As opinionated a player as there is, Winston's tweets will get you through the lockout.
Jacob Langenkamp -- The renegade linkmaster and resident interviewer of Battle Red Blog. Prepare to get asked questions, mainstream media.
Charles Spencer -- Ex-Texan tackle. He will send you shoutouts if you intrigue him, so don't think it's a passive relationship.
Jacoby Jones -- Don't tweet at him too much, or he'll tell you to kill yaself.
James Casey -- Ever seen a football player tweet something like "Hangin' out at the Houston Museum of Natural Science?" Yep, this man does it all. 
Marcus Coleman -- Ex-Texans safety, knows his way around a microphone, and runs his own blog as well.
TXCleaver -- Dude invented #kubiakbelievesinyou, I think that gets him a pass onto the list this year.
Earl Mitchell -- I don't know if he's ready to be a full-time nose tackle, but he represents Houston pretty well over the Twitterverse.

Zack Woosley -- Founder of Dynamo Theory, great entertainer of men when it comes time for him to watch Everton play.
Houston Dynamo -- If for whatever reason, Jordan and Zack are both drunk (likely) during a match, these guys will keep you updated.
Stu Holden -- Our ex-Dynamo star who kicks butt for Bolton Wanderers. 
Texian Army -- I assume only one of them uses the Twitter account at a time, which makes you wonder why they don't post more.

College, Radio Dudes, Others
Luke Zimmerman -- Knows a thing or two about chillwave.
Adam Wexler -- Best team in Houston with Matt Jackson? Probably so. At least on Twitter.
Sam Khan Jr. -- All hail your new Cougars beat writer.
David Nuno -- You have to keep your eye on this guy. Literally, because blink and you'll miss where he's been promoted next.
Jerome Solomon -- Can actually formulate an opinion and keep it for a week, which separates him from some of his less-famous Chronicle brethren.
Adam Clanton -- He has to give all he has to Twitter, mainly to keep up with @AdamClantonsHair
Sean Pendergast -- Totally not a Jim Rome disciple. In fact, Jim Rome worships him. Also doubles as a Houston Press blogger.
Jayme Lamm -- This is mainly an attempt to cheer her up. 
Kevin Sumlin -- Just think of the Coogs football coach as a Coogs ambassador during the offseason.
Raheel Ramzanali -- 1560 host, not afraid to Raheelroll you.
Joseph Duarte -- The best (only?) scoop on Rice in the Twitterlands.
Texas High School Football -- A comprehensive look at what happens on Friday nights.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.