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Someone Out There Has A Strange Obsession With Wade Phillips

Have you seen this? Grab a Twinkie, go to this website, then come back:

It's a fan site. It's pretty well-designed, but it's not an official site.

Let me repeat that. This is not Wade Phillips' official website. Nobody paid to have this website made for Wade Phillips. Someone out there LOVES Wade, and created this page for him - or for himself, I don't know which. I find this to be amusingly bizarre. Sure, there are fan sites for star players, Pro-Bowlers, and maybe even a few guys who aren't well-known... but an old football coach? Weird. Which is why I love it.

At first I kind of thought it was going to have a humorous slant to it, but after clicking through a few pages - there appears to be no punchline to what I was convinced was a setup.

Believe me, I am DYING to post a picture from the site showing Wade's happy face in soft, diffused white light - but I've been informed that posting any pictures that aren't approved for use by SB Nation will get me punched in the throat.

It turns out that the site is run by Armando, from Kerrville. By the look of the site, he's a Cowboys fan who built the site while Wade was in Dallas. Give him a shout on Twitter @WadePhillipsNet and tell him you like his site... or are baffled by it and his devotion to our new defensive coordinator. Or maybe you can tweet him and ask if his Chan Gailey site is almost done.

Come on Armando, I'm just having a little fun here. It's FUN!

Well, there's not much more to report on this subject-OH MY GOD THERE'S A YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.