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2011 NFL Mock Drafters Take Note: The Houston Texans Do Not Need More Young Cornerbacks

One of the biggest problems I've been having with various mock drafts this year is the idea that the Texans will draft help at cornerback because it's a need position for them. It seems to be founded on some pretty decent logic in theory, what with the secondary being atrocious last season and Kareem Jackson getting torched on a regular basis. But the problem with it is that rookie cornerbacks aren't exactly quick fixes. You need to look no further than what Jackson did last year to see that: Devin McCourty is a rare exception to the rule--most cornerbacks aren't ready to play in the NFL right away and some need multiple years to grow. 

Keep in mind that the Texans are likely to add a veteran cornerback to the mix this offseason. At that point, they'll be "set" with players that they're invested with at CB1 (FA), CB2 (Glover Quin), and nickel cornerback (Jackson). It makes a lot of sense for them to not draft cornerback and instead go after the actual weak point in their secondary: safeties. Eugene Wilson is gone, Bernard Pollard is gone, and the Troy Nolan / Dominique Barber combination will be horrendous. 


Of course, they still could go with a cornerback in the second or third round and go through with the rumored plan to move Quin to safety. But that hardly means that cornerback is a position of need for them. The last thing you want to do with a young secondary? Make it younger.


That doesn't mean they shouldn't draft Prince Amukamara if he's the top player on their board (and is available when they get to the podium), but I feel like it's become an instant reaction to give them a cornerback in the second round if the draft doesn't yield him. It really isn't that glaring of a weakness from a need standpoint if you assume they'll sign a veteran free agent.  


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