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2011 Mock Draft: Reuter Selects UCLA FS Rahim Moore In 2nd Round For Texans

Chad Reuter of continued his current mock draft into round two today. In the first round, California defensive end Cam Jordan was the pick for the Texans at number 11. 

Reuter then went with the rare style choice of a John McClain tribute by machinegun tweeting his way through round two where he selected - hold on to your skin - UCLA free safety Rahim Moore. Okay, sure. I guess I'll take him. 

If there's a best-case scenario that tops landing Rahim Moore with pick 42, I don't know what it is. 2011 is not a strong early-round safety class, but Moore is the clear-cut best of the bunch. Check out some highlights from his scout sheet:

 Zone Coverage: Good instincts and overall athleticism for zone coverage. Gains good depth due to his backpedal and can plant his foot in the ground and drive downhill on the ball. Good lateral agility and balance, despite his high-cut build and average hip flexibility to turn and run. Good acceleration and top-end speed to provide a safety net in deep coverage.

Closing/Recovery: Classic ball hawk. Reads the quarterback's eyes and breaks quickly when he reads target location. Good acceleration and straight-line speed. Very good ball skills. Times his leaps well and has good hand-eye coordination to make the difficult grab. Good vision and natural running skills with the football.

"Top-end speed to provide a safety net in deep coverage." Huh? You can do that?

"Classic ball hawk." What is that thing?

Dare I say, Moore in the second would be the most celebrated pick amongst the "smart" Texans fans ever. Repeated demands for nose tackles and true free safeties have been ignored, but this pick would finally give the Texans their ball hawk. Unfortunately, I don't see Moore going any lower than the top five of the second round. It's arguable if he's worth drafting that high, but he is the best of the postion group, and that counts for something.

Are mock drafts legally binding? Call the SBN lawyers, immediately!


Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.