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Texans On Twitter: Power Rankings

On the heels of Rivers' Best Houston-Area Sports Twitter Users entry earlier in the week, I have put together a ranked top ten list of the best Houston Texans Twitter users.

There are a few rules for this list that must be observed. The player has to be a regular Twitter user. Not one of these guys who fires something off once in a great while (I'm looking at you, David Anderson) or someone who just uses his account to promote things. The player must be a current Texan (sorry, Charles Spencer. Love that guy). Another helpful thing - personality, of course.

Here is the inagural list:

10. Rashad Butler - This guy honestly should be much higher. Butler has his own t-shirt line, has photo shoots, and hosts huge parties. He's a backup who Tweets and lives like a guy headed for the Hall of Fame, and I love him for that. He also loves to talk about women on his Twitter feed. That can be fantastically amusing. @RB2Cool


9. Mario Williams - He will hit you up with pics of his cars, his guns, his thoughts about women (be careful), and today he has apparently purchased a Contstructicon Transformer@SuperJit90

8. Connor Barwin - Barwin is kind of a weird guy. He's been known to send TwitPics of his roomate out... while he's working out... while watching American Idol@ConnorBarwin98

7. Brian Cushing - Is it your birthday? Did you go to high school in Bergen County, New Jersey? Have you simply heard of New Jersey? Any of those things will get you a retweet from Cush. @BrianCushing56

6. James Casey - Because even great weekend editors mess up and leave people out when they shouldn't have. Tsk tsk, Watkins. @JamesCasey86

5. Duane Brown - I almost disqualified Duane for taking a Twitter sabbatical during his PED suspension last year, but we forgive, and we forget. Duane is another fan-friendly Texans Tweeter who loves Girl Scout Cookies@DuaneBrown76

4. Arian Foster - Wisdom, philosophy, and other general awesomeness from Arian, who has of course become an instant fan favorite in Houston. Once in a while he will just spend a solid hour responding to fan questions. @ArianFoster

3. Eric Winston - Winston was the first Texan to be very active on Twitter. He's always got something to say about the NFL, the CBA negotiations, the NHL, and even got this nice shot off on Janet Jackson recently. @EricWinston

2. Earl Mitchell - Earl is fairly new to Twitter, but he tweets about things like cereal and cartoons. Yep, that's all it takes to get to #2 in ANY list of power rankings I do. (Put me down for Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch.) @EarlMitchell92

1. Jacoby Jones - Undisputed. That's all that needs to be said about Jakespeare™. Unintentional poetry, on-the-spot invented slang, telling people to kill themselves, constant travel updates between New Orleans and Houston, and lots of alleged words. Lock Jacoby in to the top spot for as long as he's in Houston. @Jacoby_Jones12

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.