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Mike Sims-Walker A Possible Texan? John McClain Thinks Not

Per’s Charlie Bernstein, the Texans and Rams both contacted Jaguars free-agent-to-be Mike Sims-Walker about possibly plying his trade in a new city next year. Sims-Walker would be an interesting target for the Texans. In theory, he’d be an upgrade over Jacoby Jones, but he’s been suspended for tardiness and has a bit of an injury history as well. In other words, he has pretty much the exact same flaws that Jones has, plus some ability to actually catch the ball.

The Houston Chronicle’s John McClain, on the other hand, doesn’t think this will happen. In fact, not only did he get a rejection from his sources, but a rejection along the lines of “they won’t have interest in him when he’s available.”

McClain further points out that the Texans want to keep Jacoby Jones. That’s all well and good, but unless the new collective bargaining agreement keeps free agency as it was last year, Jones will be an unrestricted free agent and able to go wherever he wants. Jones has all the physical talent in the world, but the Texans can’t seriously be handing out sweetheart contracts to him and Owen Daniels in the same offseason when the defense is in shambles, can they?

Look for the Texans to try to retain Jones, but ultimately I think they will be working with a new wide receiver next year. Perhaps a draftee, like McClain suggests, or perhaps not. Sims-Walker isn’t the only free agent receiver out there that would be an upgrade on Jones. While it’s not likely the Texans will go out and sign a top receiver in this class like Santonio Holmes, Steve Smith and Lance Moore could be names to remember.

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