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2011 NFL Draft: Could Texans Ransom 11th Overall Pick In Trade Down?

While the Texans continue their quest to determine who they'll draft at No. 11 overall in this year's NFL Draft, they will also probably be fielding calls for the pick. Especially if players like Nebraska cornerback Prince Amukamara and North Carolina defensive end/linebacker Robert Quinn go off the board and leave them with less compelling options like Missouri defensive end/linebacker Aldon Smith or California defensive end Cameron Jordan

So what would be the best possible news for the Texans possibly trading the pick? The news that the Vikings, at No. 12, might select a quarterback that another team is enamored with. Quarterbacks are always worth more to trade up to get than any other position on the field, and this class is littered with quarterbacks with first/second round grades. All it takes is one high evaluation for the Texans to get a ransom for their pick.

Sure enough, the Vikings have become infatuated with Washington quarterback Jake Locker, according to's Tom Pelissero, 

The Minnesota Vikings like Jake Locker. His makeup has yielded comparisons internally to Brett Favre.

And while it's too soon to peg Locker's spot on the Vikings' draft board -- team officials begin nine consecutive days of draft meetings on Monday -- there is a growing sense around the NFL they're preparing to pounce on the Washington quarterback at No. 12 overall.

If that's true, the Texans would be very wise to broadcast this fact everywhere and attempt to find a trade-down partner. The worst case scenario, other than them coming out of it looking like frauds if the ploy is seen through, is getting the Vikings to give up some picks for the right to move up a spot. Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good, and the Texans would indeed be quite fortunate to find themselves ahead of a QB-desperate team that's ready to select a QB if they were looking to trade down.

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