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Houston Texans 2011 Preseason Schedule

Assuming they actually, you know, play the games instead of having a lockout, the Texans have made some real changes from last season’s preseason schedule. Gone is the yearly tiff with Dallas, and the Buccaneers are also off the schedule. The Texans did manage to keep a game with the Saints—they’ve played the Saints the last four preseasons—and they will play one nationally televised preseason game against the Jets.

Should the NFL get it’s act together in time to play the game, the Texans will host the Jets on August 15th at 7 P.M. CDT. It would be broadcast on ESPN, so that we would all learn just what the Texans would need to do to make the playoffs.

The remainder of the games don’t have a set date yet, but would be roughly considered preseason weeks 2-4. The Texans would host the Saints and travel to face the 49ers and Vikings, in order. All the games would be on KTRK, which means fans would be treated to another case of KTRK desperately trying to understand social media. With unicorn blood for all.

If you're a sap for schedules that will likely be completely altered, here is SB Nation's complete breakdown of all the preseason games.

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