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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Robert Quinn There For Texans In New SB Nation Mock

checks watch So there are ten days left, which means I think we only have one more of these delightful mocks to go. Kudos to Brian Galliford, who has really ensured that I am on my toes in trying to figure out why the Texans are picking Missouri defensive end/linebacke Aldon Smith some weeks. However, he left me an easy one this time, as the Texans are projected to snag North Carolina defensive end/outside linebacker Robert Quinn.

11. Houston Texans: Robert Quinn, DE, North Carolina. Wade Phillips is moving to the 3-4, and Quinn is too enticing as an OLB prospect to pass on here.

And just like that, the Texans have wrapped up one of their biggest holes. Unless Quinn can’t start right away. Or they trade the pick up to get Patrick Peterson, as Peter King rumored. Or the NFL locks out the draft out of spite. Or they put Roger Goodell on that escalator that leads nowhere…

Other than that though, solid pick!

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.