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Houston Texans 2011 Schedule: Texans Get 1 Prime Time Game, Open With Colts

Currently, the 2011 NFL Schedule looks like this.

Now to April 28th: Lockout
April 28th - April 30th: NFL Draft
May 1st - Indefinite: Lockout.

However, if the NFL and Players Association do get their acts together then this is the slate your Houston Texans will tackle in 2011:

Week 1: vs. Indianapolis Colts - Noon CT
Week 2: at Miami Dolphins - 3:15 pm CT
Week 3: at New Orleans Saints - Noon CT
Week 4: vs. Pittsburgh Steelers - Noon CT
Week 5: vs. Oakland Raiders - Noon CT
Week 6: at Baltimore Ravens - 3:15 pm CT
Week 7: at Tennessee Titans - Noon CT
Week 8: vs. Jacksonville Jaguars - Noon CT
Week 9: vs. Cleveland Browns - Noon CT
Week 10: at Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Noon CT
Week 11: BYE WEEK
Week 12: at Jacksonville Jaguars - Noon CT
Week 13: vs. Atlanta Falcons - Noon CT
Week 14: at Cincinnati Bengals - Noon CT
Week 15: vs. Carolina Panthers - Noon CT
Week 16: at Indianapolis Colts - 7:20 pm CT (Thursday night)
Week 17: vs. Tennessee Titans - Noon CT

At first glance, the schedule is heavily tilted with the tougher part before the bye with the opener against the Colts and the Saints, Steelers, and Ravens all within four weeks of each other. The home and road mix is pretty balanced, so that shouldn't be a factor.

Another key note is the sole prime time game. The prime time games usually go to teams that the NFL thinks will be contending for the playoffs, so it looks like the NFL isn't buying much of the Texans this season. More detailed analysis to come.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.