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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Peter King's Mock Gives Texans Patrick Peterson

Sure, it takes a trade up, and sure, he’s the only columnist anywhere who has even mentioned this as a possibility. But when Peter King demands something, whether it’s Starbucks or the union to give up and let the owners win, things happen!

So in his mock draft, the Texans trade up to the No. 7 overall pick to select the suddenly free-falling LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson, justifying his small column note from Monday. How does this work in his head? Lets check!

I see the Texans trading up four spots with the 49ers here. With a horrendous secondary that allowed opposing QBs to complete 64.7% of their passes for 33 touchdowns, Houston can’t afford to take a chance on missing out on either of the corners of great value. The Texans will also be tempted to fill a need with defensive end Robert Quinn, but the smarter choice is Peterson, who’s much more of a sure thing at his position.

Just don’t let John McClain know about this mock, it will set him off into a frenzied chanting of “Houston only wants to trade up for Von Miller!”

As for the potential of actually pulling off a trade to get Peterson, I think it would be short-sighted and the Texans have too many holes to fill. But if he’s there at No. 7, it would also be incredibly tempting for a staff that has no future without wins this season to get the most NFL-ready cornerback that they could in this draft.

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