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NFL Lockout: Sports Show With Norm McDonald Skewers NFL Collective Bargaining

Norm MacDonald doesn't even know what collective bargaining means, but sadly he did use a Bleacher Report article to show the words. Come on Norm, show us some love over here!

MacDonald's scathing new Sports Show on Comedy Central delivered a very funny monologue about the NFL Lockout under the umbrella of the unfortunately named "What The H" segment, lamenting how without the NFL, his rowdy friends that normally come over for football will instead light his car on fire:


MacDonald's show has come up with some great moments over the past few weeks, and this probably wasn't the best segment from last night, but it tinted the light on what life would be like without the NFL on Sundays and Mondays next season, and it's just about as news-worthy as anything coming out of mediation recently.

What I get out of it? That while the NFL is excellent, people will eventually adjust to being without it. The fans have been ignored for the majority of this process, but if you don't give them games, people will eventually find other things to do. Ignorance, unlike collective bargaining, can actually be a two-way street.

At least after the rowdy fans burn my car down.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.