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Aldon Smith And Specious Reasoning

Maybe Aldon Smith will be a very good NFL player one day. I don't personally see it, but I think there's a decent-sized amount of scouts that do. After all, there's a reason he's projected as a mid-first round pick, right?

But one reason I don't like him as a pick for the Texans at No. 11 overall is because I don't think he's an NFL-ready player at this point. He needs time to develop as a run-stopper, and he has hardly any experience rushing from the 3-4 OLB slot that the Texans most need help at. As Greg Cosell has pointed out, he did most of his work last year inside the numbers.

Given how badly the Texans need their draft picks to play and perform well right away, since they rarely ever attack free agency, I think one can make the argument that Smith is a bad pick for the Texans. Surprise, surprise, John McClain and I disagree on something. Has that ever happened before?

John McClain: I didn't hear it, and he might be write (sic). I prefer to listen to warren (sic) Sapp, who played the game. He called Smith "a DeMarcus Ware type in two years." Sapp said Smith needs experience because he's raw, but he's a hard worker who can help right away as a pass rusher. The fact Smith played hurt last season impresses the scouts. The truth is, nobody knows.

[Comment From Jim]
Why would Kubes want someone (Smith) who's going to reach full potential "in two years". Kubiak won't be around to see it if the pick isn't making major contributions in 2011.
John McClain: Like Sapp said, Smith can rush the passer as a rookie and learn on the run.

First of all, I'm really glad we're delegating all player analysis to a defensive tackle who has zero experience in player personnel. That's totally logical. 

Really though, why does it make sense for this front office to select Smith at No. 11 if all he can be off the bat is a pass rusher? Couldn't Mark Anderson do that from the OLB spot and be just as clueless in run support and pass coverage? I'm willing to be sold on Smith as a prospect, but it's going to take more than "he can learn on the run." That's what they said about Kareem Jackson last year.

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