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NFL Lockout: Mediation Pushed Back As Aura Of Uncertainty Takes Over

Judge Arthur Boylan ended mediation between the owners and players yesterday, leaving the NFL Lockout talk in limbo for a bit. The sides will resume mediation on May 16th, almost a month from now, and long after the NFL Draft is over.

In the meantime, two court verdicts could come down before that happens. Judge David Doty, who ruled for the players in a case of television money, will get to rule on just how punishing that is for the owners. Judge Susan Nelson, who is overseeing the entire case in Minneapolis, could also make a ruling based on what she’s heard so far. Based on her on-record comments, such a ruling would likely be in favor of the players, but even if she did make a ruling, it would likely go straight to the court of appeals.

In other words: hope you like baseball season, because this issue isn’t going away any time soon.

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