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Texans Rumors: Texans Won't Bring Back Vonta Leach?

Pro Football Weekly suggests that the Texans won’t re-sign Pro Bowl fullback Vonta Leach once the sides are allowed to negotiate again.

It was always a rather ominous sign that the Texans could reach agreements with Shaun Cody, Derrick Ward, and Owen Daniels before the season, but couldn’t reach anything with Leach. His tweets following that were rather indicative that he would at least test the market, as our own Chris Watkins explored. John McClain has also said that he thinks another team will make Leach the highest-paid fullback in NFL history.

So while Pro Football Weekly isn’t typically the sort of publication you’d run to the bank with on these rumors, it does seem to fit into the established pattern. James Casey is the Texans backup fullback, and they’ve also been talking to (surprise surprise) Colorado State fullback Zac Pauga.

I would not personally be completely outraged if Leach wasn’t back, especially should he become the highest-paid fullback in the NFL. But it does say a lot about this team that it chose to re-sign two players at positions of depth and Cody over someone who was sent to Hawaii last year.

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