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2011 NFL Mock Draft: What I Think I Think About Next Week's Draft

We're a week away from the NFL Draft. I have to let that sink in because I have been contributing to this draft thread since December. That's nearly five months of writing about the 2011 NFL Draft. At this point, I want to just talk about the prospects drafted and move on, but, alas, there is still time to fill before then.

After all that time, my feelings about the draft, in regards to the Houston Texans, have begun to crystallize. Now, it's time to bust out that crystal ball and see what I think will happen...

- The Texans will not get a chance to draft Nebraska CB Prince Amukamara or North Carolina DE Robert Quinn. There will also be no trading up for LSU CB Patrick Peterson or Texas A&M OLB Von Miller. Houston will pass on Alabama's Julio Jones and Missouri's Aldon Smith to select Wisconsin DE J.J. Watt. John McClain will be incredulous that his inside information was wrong while Texans fans will scratch their heads before slowly trying to rationalize how great this pick is or furiously demand Rick Smith be fired between rounds. For the record, Watt is a great prospect.

- Houston will draft two outside linebackers - in the third round and the sixth round. This will be Rick Smith's patented double dip.

- Houston will not draft a free safety, but instead will grab a cornerback in round four so they can move Glover Quin to free safety. SBN Houston editor Rivers McCown will fire off some wonderfully funny Tweets in response to this (hint: he's someone you'll want to follow on Draft pressure, Boss).

- There will be no nose tackle drafted, Houston fans. Get used to the Earl Mitchell/Shaun Cody rotation. I can hear the groans from Battle Red Blog already.

- We will regret not being able to trade players for picks as the Texans likely would have been shopping Steve Slaton and Amobi Okoye for whatever they could get.

- Maybe I'm blinded by draft lust, but I honestly think the Texans could pick up Oklahoma SS Quinton Carter in the second round. Carter would be perfect in Wade's defense, and I have never liked a Sooner more than I do Carter.

- I'm, sadly, expecting either a tight end or fullback to be drafted in round seven. This will either start a bunch of tight end jokes amongst Texans fans or spell the end of the Vonta Leach era in Houston. SBN Houston weekend editor Chris Watkins is going to have to look for a new mascot for

- While Houston will grab some promising talent, they'll pass on the local names and big names which will leave fans feeling neutral about the class.

- Finally, the networks will cut away from the Texans selection at least three times.

The best part of this? It's only a week until I find out if I'm wrong or not. Before the real draft, I'll take one last crack at a full Texans mock next week. Feeling like the stars are talking to you? Fire off some of your predictions in the comments below.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.