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Texans Rumors: Leach Tweets That 'The Writing Is On The Wall' With Texans

Pro Bowl and All-Pro fullback Vonta Leach all but declared it was over with the Texans last night in a Twitter storm from his account @vleach44. As was pointed out earlier, it was pretty telling that the Texans and Leach didn’t see eye-to-eye on his value when they didn’t sign him to a new contract on the last day before the league season ended, as they did with Owen Daniels, Shaun Cody, and Derrick Ward.

Leach tweeted that the Texans “front office wants to go in a different [direction]” with him, and that he’d had no contact with the organization since the NFL Combine. He followed that up with:

I played in the league long enough to know when writing is on the wall If i played my last game as a Texan I enjoyed my 5 years. To my teammates keep working hard y’all will get things turned around, to the fans the best fans and deserve a winning franchise.

Pretty classy response, considering the way that some athletes have taken contract offers that they don’t like as slaps in the face. Leach is reportedly looking for a contract that will make him the highest paid fullback in the NFL.

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