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Aaron Glenn To Represent The Houston Texans At 2011 NFL Draft

Due to the 2011 NFL Lockout, next week's NFL Draft becomes a massive public relations tool for the NFL to use in order to get in the good graces of its paying public. Think the NFL doesn't realize this? Guess again.

The league has announced that retired players will step to the podium at Radio City Music Hall on Friday to announce the second-round picks of their former teams. The Carolina Panthers, Miami Dolphins, and New York Jets will have the alumni announce their third-rounders, since those teams do not have second-rounders.

Yahoo's Shutdown Corner

As the headline gives away, the Houston Texans will entrust their second round selection announcement to original Texan and Pro Bowl cornerback Aaron Glenn. Really, in the brief history of the Texans, its the only choice (although some fans wouldn't have minded Gary Walker, Seth Payne, Marcus Coleman, Kailee Wong, or Jamie Sharper in those roles....speaking of which, I wonder if they could still suit up and help the defense out). 

Glenn and 31 other retired players will give each fan base a reason to remember them, and the game, fondly during the first half of Friday's NFL Draft coverage. It's certainly a way to make the draft more interesting for the casual fan. As for the second round pick, well, let's just hope he's half as talented as Mr. Glenn was for Houston.


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