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Texans Offseason: Curious Comments From Vonta Leach During Radio Interview

Vonta Leach's seemingly imminent departure from the Texans has been well-covered here, but in a radio interview on Sports Radio 610, things got a little strange.

"I think they want to throw the ball more."


The Texans, who are great in ONE area and one area only - running the football - want to throw the ball MORE?

Okay, Vonta. 

I say that because, if you listen to the interview the above quote doesn't come off as some kind of inside information, or something Vonta has been told by the team. It comes off as Vonta throwing out an answer to a question. It feels like pure speculation. It almost sounds as if he came up with something in order to perpetuate the thought that the Texans don't actually want him back, which of course is asinine.

The Texans want to continue their elite-level rushing attack, but they're also not going to break the bank for a fullback. I'm sure the Texans would be just fine making Vonta the highest-paid fullback in NFL history - the question is, how much more than the current highest paid fullback in the NFL would it take? If it's a significant amount more, I won't be upset about him walking in the slightest. Vonta Leach is great at what he does. You can't argue the results, but he's not an irreplaceable player.

I wrote this article recently explaining that it already looked bleak for Leach to remain in Houston. The flurry of new Vonta speculation this week certainly hasn't changed that thinking. To me it sounds like he is motivated by the dollar, which is totally fine. Injuries happen, skills decline - these guys have to get what they can get while they can get it, just like I would. It just depends on how much is too much.

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