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NFL Lockout: Nelson Will Rule On Stay Wednesday

Judge Susan Nelson’s next ruling that will affect the NFL will take place on Wednesday, as the NFL’s request for a stay will be decided tomorrow. Nelson wanted to hear from the players, according to the Associated Press.

The players, per ESPN’s Adam Schefter, asked Nelson to force the owners to start the league year. So theres plenty of difference between what exactly could happen tomorrow. The owners will almost undoubtedly appeal that ruling, should it happen, to the Eight Circuit to immediately stay the injunction.

So realistically, while the timetable has definitely escalated, it’s unlikely that this will cause any real changes to happen prior to the NFL Draft. Texans players were ordered to stay away from their facilities by DeMeco Ryans, according to John McClain.

For more on the NFL Lockout, please check out SB Nation’s NFL lockout stream covering the entire thing from start to finish. Relive those magical memories the owners had of thinking they’d screw over the players!

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