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NFL Draft 2011 News: Justin Houston Fails Combine Drug Test

The Texans may have been helped out by a player who could have been on their radar in a trade down as Georgia linebacker/defensive end Justin Houston has lowered his draft stock by failing the NFL’s drug test at the NFL Combine. The Texans have been hunting hard for a 3-4 OLB, and if they don’t pick one at No. 11 overall, Houston could now fall all the way to their second round pick at No. 42.

Given how the Texans have been very sensitive about character issues, at first blush it may seem logical that this would force Houston off their board entirely. Keep in mind though that marijuana, if this is what Houston was caught with, was something recreationally enjoyed by Amobi Okoye back in 2007, and that didn’t stop the Texans from selecting him tenth overall.

It’s just another data point in the slippery slope that is character versus talent. It should be interesting to see just where Houston’s off-field conduct lands him in this year’s NFL Draft.

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