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NFL Draft 2011: The Latest On Peterson And Miller For The Texans

The Houston Texans have quite a few different directions they could go in today, but one of the most exciting is a potential trade up for Texas A&M linebacker Von Miller or LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson. It would be a bold and emphatic repudiation of general manager Rick Smith's regular draft philosophy, and one that would almost immediately thrust the Texans front office into a win-now mode.

In his latest for the Houston Chronicle, John McClain says that while a trade for Miller remains unlikely, Peterson could be had, but the price remains steep:

It's not likely the Texans will sacrifice the picks required to move into the second spot in a trade with Denver to be guaranteed of getting Miller. But if Peterson drops to, say, fifth to Arizona, the price might not be too high.

The Cardinals would want the Texans' first-round pick and at least their second-round pick, a person familiar with Arizona's potential asking price said Wednesday.

That doesn't look like something that Smith would normally consider, especially considering the Texans have multiple needs on defense and this would just about take them out of the running for a top-tier 3-4 rush linebacker. Still, if the Texans have a high enough grade on Peterson, or they think the world of a smaller school prospect (perhaps Nevada's Dontay Moch or Fresno St.'s Chris Carter?) they may still make the move anyway.

Stay tuned, as we'll continue to update this story all day as we know more.

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