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Texans Free Agents: Vonta Leach Shopping HImself Today

Vonta Leach has commanded his team to take the Texans bull by the horns today as his agent calls around gauging interest in his client. The NFL has said that there will be no workouts or normal business today, despite a court order compelling them to do so. However, it’s in the best interests of the players to pretend like business is usual, particularly since the court has ordered it so, and thus Leach is shopping his wares to other teams today.

“I’m contacting teams on Vonta’s behalf,” Vitolo said. “They can take my calls, ignore my calls or tell me not to call back.”

“The judge has already ruled twice against the league. The NFLPA is telling us we need to do our jobs. As far as I’m concerned it’s open for business.”

Seems like a logical position for Leach and his agency to take, even if it’s unlikely to yield any actual results today. The NFL is in clear violation of the rules here, and they’ll be lucky to hold that legal position up in court later on should it be challenged.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.