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NFL Lockout: League In Clear Contempt Of Court

It’s been a busy 12 hours as Judge Susan Nelson turned down the NFL’s stay request, and since then, the NFL has changed absolutely nothing in their approach. They’ve obstinately refused to allow the players access to workout rooms and facilities, despite the fact that they were compelled to by the legal system. Now, it’s time for the medicine to start hitting the league, as per ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the players have sent a letter demanding the league year to start, or risk being held in contempt of court.

It’s clear that the NFL is just going to accept the legal ramifications at this point, as they’re in too deep no matter that they do. But it’s startling to see how poorly planned and thought-out the NFL’s strategy was in this whole matter.

Late word, from Pro Football Talk’s live show has Sal Paolantonio of ESPN reporting that the Eighth District Circuit could rule on the NFL’s appeal before tonight’s draft, potentially causing the league to absolutely spiral into chaos. This story just gets more and more ludicrous as the day goes on.

And it all goes back to the NFL having no real backup plan for the legal system trumping their interests.

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