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Minnesota Vikings Select Christian Ponder With 12th Overall Pick

With the 12th pick, the Minnesota Vikings selected Florida State quarterback Christian Ponder.

A surprise? Yes and no. Ponder at 12 is a much higher pick than people thought, but a lot of people thought NFL general managers would panic and grab quarterbacks. The Vikings, with no real starter in place thanks to Brett Favre's retirement, had to grab Ponder.

Out of all the quarterbacks in the class, I liked Ponder the most. He's got an accurate arm and that will work for the Vikings who have the weapons to spread the field. Ponder can move, throw, and make the plays. There was a lot of talent on the board, so the Vikings must have really liked him to take him at 12. Can Ponder replace Favre? We'll see. Can he beat out Joe Webb and Tavarais Jackson for the opening day job? Stay tuned.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.