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NFL Lockout: Appeals Court Grants Temporary Stay To Players Injunction

There were rumors all day that the NFL Lockout was back on as the Eighth District would likely grant the NFL a temporary stay. Late tonight, after ESPN had originally jumped the gun in reporting the story, Adam Schefter reported that the stay will be granted.

What does this mean for the players? Not much. It does mean that we won’t be seeing workouts anytime soon, and that those recently unlocked facilities will be relocked. Likely with double bolts this time.

It also means that the league year and free agency will likely not occur anytime soon. The appeals court will have to sort out what it feels about Judge Susan Nelson’s ruling from last week, where she granted the injunction, and see if they think she overstepped her bounds in any way. So for now, it looks like the NFL season is back in the same holding pattern it has been for the past six weeks or so, pending the result of the appeal.

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