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2011 NFL Draft Results: How Our AFC South Brethren Did

Tennessee Titans
Picks: Jake Locker (8th overall), Akeem Ayers (39th overall), Jurrell Casey (77th overall)

While I loved the Locker pick from the second it was made, because I think he's the worst quarterback in this draft and was in glee to see him playing for my least favorite team, the Titans actually did a pretty good job in the next two rounds here. Ayers gives them some actual rush from their linebackers, which they have been lacking for awhile, and Casey should be another solid piece in a defensive line rotation with Jason Jones, Tony Brown, and Jovan Haye. Thankfully the Locker pick still leaves me giddy, or I might actually be angry about the haul that the Titans made out with on Day Two.

Jacksonville Jaguars
Picks: Blaine Gabbert (10th overall), William Rackley (76th overall)

A pair of trade-ups made this a very interesting draft for the Jaguars. In the long term I think they have made a good move in going up to get Gabbert, but it probably weakens them next year, which is good news for the Texans. Rackley is an offensive line project from tiny Lehigh college, and while it might take him some time to beat out his competition, he should eventually give the Jags a mauling guard to take over for Uche Nwaneri.

Indianapolis Colts
Picks: Anthony Castonzo (22nd overall), Ben Ijalana (49th overall), Drake Nevis (87th overall)

Love this draft for the Colts so far. Like I said yesterday, I thought Costanzo was the best tackle in the draft and he should really help turn around the protection problems for Peyton Manning. Ijalana has a lot of promise as well, and should be able to help fortify the interior of their line. Nevis is a perfect fit for their type of defense, and should give them the kind of penetrator inside that they haven't had since Anthony McFarland was still hanging around. The rich get richer.

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