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2011 NFL Draft News: Lockout Stay Puts Undrafted Free Agents In Limbo

Now that the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals has effectively re-instituted the NFL Lockout, the future of prospects not drafted on the final day of the 2011 NFL Draft is in doubt.

After being "re-opened for business" briefly, the NFL has chained the doors once again, and the undrafted free agency signing frenzy that happens once the last round is complete is now on hold.

Prospects may face some difficult decisions, as the status of the 2011 NFL season is still in doubt. The UFL will certainly make a play for several of the undrafted prospects, but many of them will hold out for NFL money if they're smart.

Aside from the procedural side of the lockout, the actual on-field effect could be very significant in terms of these rookies, who typically jump right into rookie orientations. Of course, all of them need as much time as possible to get ramped up to the NFL, but these less-talented undrafted guys stand to lose the most from a football standpoint.

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