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Texans Rumors: Johnathan Joseph Could Be On The Texans Offseason Radar; Will Vonta Leach Come Back?

The Houston Chronicle’s John McClain, in his latest chat wrap, speculated that Bengals cornerback Johnathan Joseph could be the Texans biggest priority in free agency, should he be available.

Any veteran DB’s that the Texans have expressed interest in lately?

John McClain: Nope. They to to stay quiet or it’s tampering since there’s no free agency. I can tell you this: If free agency started tomorrow, they’d be after a veteran CB like Jonathan Joseph. They made NA [Nnamdi Asomugha] an offer, but I don’t think it would be enough.

Joseph would only be a free agent if the collective bargaining agreement plays out so that it returns to it’s old rules. If an injunction forces the owners to make the offseason start, he would not be available. Joseph would make a lot of sense for the Texans as an established corner, and definitely would fit their mold of going after young solid players in free agency rather than transcendent superstars like Asomugha. I guess Texans fans should just be relieved that they made contact with Asomugha.

McClain also thinks that Vonta Leach will likely bolt to a new team:

Will the texans resign Leach?

John McClain: They want to. He wants to re-sign. It depends on what he gets from another team. I may be wrong, but I think another team will make him the highest-paid FB in history.

Very interesting. Leach was, of course, a big part of Arian Foster’s amazing season in 2010. However, he was pretty sub-par in 2009, and fullbacks aren’t often thought of as a valuable commodity. James Casey is the only player on the roster with experience at fullback, and moving him there would make the Texans play-action game much more interesting underneath, but he’s obviously not in Leach’s league as a blocker.

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