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NFL Draft Grades 2011: Texans Work Secondary, Offense On Final Day Of Draft

Instead of waiting until these players are even allowed in the buildings of the NFL team they were drafted by, we should probably hurry up and get the draft grades on them out there. I don't want to live in a world where a guy who hasn't been a Houston Texan for more that 24 hours has a draft grade.

Here are the draft grades for the first two days of the Texans' draft, if you're interested - AND YOU ARE.

Today's grades are based on Gary Kubiak's favorite press conference catch phrases.

Round 4, Pick 127: Rashad Carmichael CB, Virginia Tech
Carmichael is a highly-competitive corner, and a flat out speedburner. He's got excellent speed, and can close on the ball. He's not very physical, however. Basically, he's a FAR more talented version of Brice McCain, and was a decent value for where the Texans selected him. 
Grade: "He's a good kid, he really battles out there."

Round 5, Pick 144: Shiloh Keo, SS, Idaho
Keo is a coach's dream. He's a leader, he's hard-nosed, tough, and by many accounts, he's better at coverage than the average safety... which is to say, he's not very good at coverage, but not terrible. Sadly, that is a huge improvement for the position in Houston. Rick Smith and Gary Kubiak both said he was their favorite pick in the draft, when prompted.
Grade: "We have to put these kids in a position to win. That's our job as coaches."

Round 5, Pick 152: T.J. Yates, QB, North Carolina
Showed improvement throughout his career at UNC, and is a nice developmental QB pickup. He'll probably end up on the practice squad - because there's no way he could possibly overtake Dan Orlovsky! Or something!
Grade: "That's on me."

Round 7, Pick 214: Derek Newton, OT, Arkansas State
Newton is too raw to be in the mix for immediate roster-ready depth on the offensive line, but he's another guy who's almost a lock to hit the practice squad. If he gets his physique and technique in order, he could be a solid future prospect for a swing tackle or spot starter.
Grade: "Oh, I don't know, John. I just know that I'm proud of this group."

Round 7, Pick 254: Cheta Ozougwu, LB, Rice
Finally, someone who can hang with James Casey in a conversation... well, until the end of camp, anyway. Cheta does have some quicks and they'll try to see if he flashes as a pass rusher, but of course his ability to succeed on special teams will be the key to him sticking with the Texans.
Grade: "Is that it? Okay, thanks guys."

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