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NFL Draft 2011: Poor Reggie Bush Doesn't Want To Work For His Roster Spot

Poor Reggie Bush got his knee brace in a bunch Friday when the New Orleans Saints traded up to grab Alabama RB Mark Ingram in the first round of the NFL Draft. TMZ Bush fired off the following tweet:

It's been fun New Orleans.

Aw, poor Reggie. The guy was picked 2nd overall in 2006, got a gigantic ton of money dropped in his lap, and has earned hardly any of it. So, it makes perfect sense that he'd be hurt at the prospect of - GASP - actually having to earn his spot on the Saints' roster!

None of us should be surprised at Bush's overwhelming sense of entitlement. He was coddled at USC, as all star players are, and he's used to living a superstar's lifestyle. Now that a hard-working, gritty, tough runner (the polar opposite of Reggie Bush) has joined the team, you can see why he may think his time in New Orleans is up.

Saints head coach Sean Payton has since said that drafting Ingram doesn't mean the team is done with Bush. That sounds like a compliment to Bush, but if we dig a little deeper, you can see that the plan to keep Reggie is just affirmation of what everyone else in the NFL thinks of Reggie Bush, other than Reggie himself. Here's a quote from Payton from the above-linked article:

"I think we've got a real clear vision for Reggie Bush, and what we expect and how we want to utilize him -- and that's not changed."

Translation: "Reggie Bush is a return man and an occasional change of pace back... but mostly a slot receiver. That's what we've done with him so far, so why would that change? If we hadn't drafted Ingram, we could have brought in any other RB who can actually run with some toughness and get the difficult yards better than Reggie Bush EVER can, so what really is the problem here, Reggie?"

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