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Matt Schaub Also Isn't Too Shabby Against The Blitz

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The Pro Football Focus folks are at it again, compiling an article this time about quarterback pressure rather than deep balls. Did you know that pass pressure often makes quarterbacks throw worse balls? Remember when Haloti Ngata slaughtered Chris Myers against the Ravens, and then Matt Schaub threw that game-ending interception? Yep, that's an example of what pressure can do for you. And also an example that alcohol can't remove all of the bad things in life.


Either way, Schaub puts up some pretty solid numbers against the blitz as well. Despite getting blitzed on nearly 40% of his dropbacks, Schaub completed 61.9% of his passes against the blitz, which is good for fifth in the NFL. The touchdown to interception ratio is a much less impressive 8:5, however. Make of that data what you will. Much like the deep ball data, I believe fans tend to think that Schaub is much worse under pressure than he actually is. He probably isn't as good as the pass completion percentage makes him out to be, but there are much worse options out there.


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