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Nnamdi Asomugha & The Houston Texans: Waste Of Time Or Reasonable Demand?

This week’s ESPN NFL Hot Button Topic of the Week features your Houston Texans. Of course, the only subject that could bring the Texans any national attention from the all-powerful sports behemoth is the race for All-Pro free agent cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha

John Clayton puts forth the argument of why Nnamdi and Houston make the perfect match and how he can make the entire defense better.

Of course, there are other writers, and many fans, who think the Nnamdi pursuit is nothing more than a pipedream and refuse to entertain the notion. Let's throw in a jump here before I give me two cents on why Texans fans need to get loud about Nnamdi as opposed to saying it'll never happen. 
Regardless of whether or not Nnamdi would sign on the dotted line, Texans fans should not resign themselves to thinking Bob McNair and company won’t pursue him or that it would be a waste of time. If anything, fans should loudly clamor, to the point of borderline annoyance, for such a move to happen. Every Houston media newspaper, radio station, TV station, and Twitter feed should talk about how much sense Asomugha in Houston would make. The franchise should feel pressure from all around to pursue Nnamdi as opposed to someone that’s simply okay, like an Ike Taylor.

Will that land the All-Pro cornerback? At this point, who really knows? I’ll tell you what I know though, the front office would hear the cries of the city and have to either sincerely try to bring one of the NFL’s most talented players here or show that they are interested in other things besides winning. Personally, I would be much happier knowing McNair and company shot for the stars and landed short of that, somewhere like Johnathan Joseph or Josh Wilson, than to know that they simply settled for someone like Ike Taylor. Again, who knows? Maybe a passionate and sincere effort can even convince Nnamdi that he can be a leader of this defense and help change the meager fortunes of a fledgling franchise.

The main point is fans and media shouldn’t create excuses for the Houston front office. Fans should do everything in their power to spread the word of Houston needing Nnamdi. Texans fans should not have to lower their expectations to meet the near-decade of mediocrity from Reliant Stadium. Fans and media should set their expectations high and demand that the franchise raises its game to meet them. 

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